sabato 31 marzo 2012

Spoiler and Sketch from Rome

A sketch of San Pietro done during my "one-day journey" in Rome.

Ciao in italiano (così QUALCUNO sarà felice).

venerdì 30 marzo 2012

New work (thanks to the graphics card)!

Finally I installed my new graphics card, a MSI N450GTS

It seems a good one, well at least the first visible improvemente is that the ram of this one is 2 GB, against my old one, which was only 256 MB, nice change, I'd say...

Anyway, here's a tribute to Wonder Woman, all done digitally, I started from a simple colour form, without any anatomy or sketch underneath.

sabato 17 marzo 2012

New Graphics (temporary) and New Drawing

Finally I changed the graphics of the blog, even if it's not definitive, it's still better than the last one.

And here's a new work called "Strange World Part 2", with some photos of the work in progress.

Here's the link to the first "Strange World", which was also the banner of the old blog's graphics.