martedì 29 maggio 2012

6000 views, Tifa and Commissions! (+interlude)

Oh well, oh well, my blog has reached 6000 views in less than 4 years, I think is a good accomplishment considering that for almost 3 years updates were really sporadic.Here's a little bonus image for the event.

Bene, il blog ha raggiunto 6000 visite in meno di 4 anni e considerando che gli updates non erano proprio frequentissimi, soprattutto fino all'anno scorso, direi che è un buon risultato. Ecco una immaginetta per festeggiare, sempre nel mio classico stile "felicità, vai via di qua".

Some posts ago I put 3 spoilers, here's revealed the first one, a particular version of Tifa, I know many of you won't like her, but hey, you can't always make everyone happy.

Qualche aggiornamento fa ho messo 3 spoilers, ecco il primo, una Tifa particolare, che so già che pochi (anzi nessuno) apprezzeranno, ma OHU, è il mio blog e ci metto quello che voglio (in inglese sono più gentile)!

And the biggest update of the day is that I officially opened the commissions on deviantart:

Ho aperto le commissioni su deviantart, yeah!
Il link è sopra.

Price List: (in euro)

Characters pencils with no background - 10 €
Characters inked with no background - 20 €
Characters with no background Digital colours - 30 €

Characters pencils with background - 15 €
Characters inked with background - 25 €
Characters with background Digital colours - 35 €

Digital linearts have the same price as the inked ones.

I will do also comics pages, but for the prices you have to send me a private message.


- Paypal payment only!

- I won't do fan arts, due to legal issues, so don't ask.
- I will do almost anything (erotic, horror, etc.) except porn, strange fetishes, caricatures and humour strips.
- During a commission I will send the sketch so you can tell me what I have to change. In inked and digital colours status I will change only minor issues.
- I will send you a low res image once is complete, and, after the payment, the original one. The world is full of thieves!
- Please, respect my style, if you want me to use another style, then you don't want my abilities.
- I will work on 300 dpi files, and the complete files will be jpg or tiff.
- Tell me if you want to print the image, so I will work on cmyk standard. Obviously deviantart accepts only RGB files.
- As for now I can't send the original drawings with postal service, so be aware of it.
- It will take me about a week to do one request, due to my other works. Obviously if I can complete the request in advance, I will.

I know there may be many rules, but I don't want to argue with anyone for stupid problems.

Thanks to anyone who will request for considering my job worthy.
Musical interlude:
"I don't wanna be buried in a pet sematary, I don't want to live my life again...."

"Saludos amigos"

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